Need help with children and family issues

You would like to take action, so what would you like to do? what are your options? who can help you? should you fight for your rights or should you walk away?

Action Pros Cons
Mediation through family and friends It is usually a good starting point, you may make some progress and agree matters The other side may not want to talk to you or family or may not act as agreed
Speak to a LawyerKnow your rights and responsibilities, options and difficultiesMay have to pay a small fee, take your time out of your other commitments
Formal MediationUsually a pre-condition before you can apply to court and you may make some progressThe other side may not want to talk or may not attend or respond to calls
Go to CourtThe court should make orders and get things moving in the right directionCan take some time, costs can mount, and you may have to evidence everything.
Walk awayIt resolves the matter for now and you may sometimes feels thats all you can doYour children could be left vulnerable, you and they can suffer the consequences of not acting sooner